Perch Pounder II - Glow with Red Head

Size #6 and #8 hooks - $4.29

Size #4 hook - $4.49

Perch Pounder II - #1 Glow with Red Head

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  • Perch Pounder II

    This field tested and proven premium rig has been shown to not only catch perch, but other species such as crappie, blue gill, sunfish, herring, and whitefish. It is made with real fish skin, chemically sharpened red hooks, glow beads, a swivel, and a duolock snap, ready to attach your own weight/sinker and tip with live bait. The size 8 & 6 hook rigs are tied with 8 lb. fluorocarbon line, and our new size 4 hook rigs are tied with 10 lb. fluorocarbon line.